Rachel Cohen teaches humanities at a public high school in Vermont. She graduated with degrees in History and Secondary Education from the University of Vermont and holds a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Saint Michael’s College. Rachel has also taught for the National Outdoor Leadership School, a wilderness education school in Alaska.

Rachel is committed to personalizing learning for her students. She is particularly interested in developing authentic learning experiences, such as work and travel-based opportunities beyond the traditional classroom, whether that be in the local community or internationally. As a teacher-leader in her school and region, Rachel has collaborated with colleagues around New England on school-improvement initiatives in the areas of assessment, grading and reporting, as well as adult-youth partnership as a tool for school change.

Her current teaching areas include interdisciplinary world history and US history courses called Thinkers and Revolutionaries and The American Experience. She also teaches Advanced Placement US History. Her passion for place-based learning led her to design and teach a course on the 2016 Election, which culminated in travel to the 2017 Presidential Inauguration with her class.


Outside of the traditional classroom, competitive cycling and backcountry skiing have taken Rachel to remote places in the United States. Several of Rachel’s workshops integrate her own authentic learning experiences in these alternative classrooms. Rachel looks forward to experiencing the diversity of Norwegian classrooms across the country.


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